I am an avid adventurer and traveller who found my way somewhere along the way. Six years in the ski industry followed by 22 years in the travel industry in India, has taught me an awful lot, I have been a tour operator, worked for DMC’s, reviewed countless hotels and written more hotel and travel websites than I’d care to count. Turning my passion and knowledge gained into a meaningful career therefore made sense. Consultancy and travel writing are my main focus, though more recently my writing skills have been requested in other areas which is a challenge I enjoy.

I also recently published my first novel, book one in the Escape to India series. I’m currently working on book two, plus a collection of short stories and a unique guide book.


Over my 28-year career, I have become one of the foremost authorities in travel around India and Nepal. As a consultant to the travel industry, I work with tour operators, destination management companies, hotels, and independent experience providers. I provide destination and sales training, formulate products, curate experiences, and craft sustainable, boutique travel solutions. I also help businesses determine their client demographic, and compose content to bring their message to the market.

My main strengths are product development, branding and design. I have a passion for seeing beyond the norm and championing the underdog. I believe the real experiences lie with people — with focus on “P” for passion and people, and not just profit. Niche companies and sustainability are my forte.
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India is a photographers paradise, every moment, every turn provides some sort of photographic opportunity. I was fortunate enough to hold an exhibition with a few of these images last year, Yatra.
Now that I am living back in Yorkshire, for the first time in 30 years, I am discovering a similar perspective. It is a spectacular county that just lends itself to be photographed.

Not every photograph can be award winning, but one hopes that some are special enough to be featured on websites and on social media. If you require any images, whether as framed pictures, for a website or would like a bundle for social media, contact me on: [email protected]


My book, Escape to India, is a novel based on a true story about life living in the jungles of central India, running a safari lodge in Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh. Think Bridget Jones does India! Globally it is available on Amazon.  In India you can find it on Notion Press

You can find more information and reviews at Escape to India


I love creating unique content, seeking out the stories and sharing the passions of business owners. I work as a content creator, copywriter, copy editor and storyteller, specialising in web content, newsletters, social media, brochures and branded content.

When I can, I also enjoy writing for various publications and my articles have appeared in the Times of India newspaper, Mint newspaper, Yorkshire Business Woman and Yorkshire Kitchen. I have also written extensively about India which you can find at www.memsahibininindia.com